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I love buying clothes that are a bit unique. Something that says different and fresh! I particularly love clothes that blend graphics and design … while have a clean fashion lines to it. I have rule – if something catches my eye and I just need to have it… I just buy. If it’s something […]

HA HA HA! I totally love this doll! I love searching for unique items and sharing them with people. Though I’m sure if you are into fashion and design … you’ve probably have already seen this on other blogs. I love Karl and his designs…simply deelish. His signature skinny tie, glasses and his aura of […]

One thing about photography – it is definitely an artform that takes talent! Nowadays with the invent of the digital camera – everyone thinks they’re a photography (Much like someone purchases Adobe Elements and thinking they are a Graphic Designer). I would love to learn more about photography in my spare time – some classes […]

Ok, I know … a real martini is served with vermouth and gin. I’m referring to the Vodka martini, infamous made for James Bond. Anywho – came across this amazing piece of packaging design from here –  Vodka by Sumu Rai. I have a tendency to buy wines or alcohol based on beautiful package design […]

Typography is such a beautiful art form – the way the letter forms, kerning it just right, or just trying to find the “perfect font”. Type lovers can be purists in the sense of the perfect letter form. For me – I take great pleasure searching for the perfect font (some tired fonts I could […]

Flash Dance


no – not the Jennifer Beals’ version! Though it would give me a good excuse to get some leg warmers! Sunday marked my first day at my FLASH class. I took FLASH when I was first studying to be a designer. Some of the great things about FLASH is that it allows great design and […]

In my time working at a wall decor company – we often had to research the latest designs and decor. I came across this Robert Le Hero’s site . I loved the usage of delicate botanical inspired graphics upon pieces such as handbags, home decor and furniture. I think currently their products is sold out […]