No one puts baby in the corner


Big girls don't cry

Big girls don't cry

By now we’ve all heard the news of Swayze’s death due to Pancreatic cancer. I, for one, will definitely miss his body of work – how many of us from the this generation and rented (back in the days of VHS) this movie NUMEROUS times. I think this movie set the bar for all romance movie genre. Mind you…when this movie came out…I was pretty young….I had no idea what “knocked up” meant and what was Penny’s “procedure”. Needless to say – I was a bit lost when that part of the movie came on.

Why is this posted today? One of the first things I designed in school was branding for a restaurant. I decided to make the menus with a bit of kitsch and have some movie quotes in the menu. One of them of course was Dirty Dancing with Swayze’s classic quote “No one puts baby in the corner”. I simply had to put that in there. It was one of my favourite projects to do – and when I watch the movie … It makes me reminisce my days as a kid growing up in the 80’s and always brings me back to that school project.


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