Freelance – oh my!


On the job front – nothing concrete so far. This is about week 3 of unemployment. So far – I’m not exactly ready to climb the walls … though I did have A’s parents come to visit from la belle province and I’m also in school to keep me a bit occupied. A few phone calls and contact emails asking me to send my portfolio in – but nothing has really come up.

Yesterday,  I did have a conversation about a possible freelance job. I already knew from the conversation that he probably couldn’t afford my rates (and I’m too embarrassed to tell you how low it is compared to other freelancers). I heard the whole ‘given this economy’ spiel. He understood why I charged my rates as I do (this is after I explained to him….overhead, pay for experience, in lieu of benefits etc). He was very understanding and said that he wished he could afford that now – but at the moment … he simply couldn’t do it. For which I completely understand.

While this potential client seemed understanding of the rates (and I truly believe he just didn’t have the funds at the moment) I have encountered many clients who balk at the thought of paying a consulting fee (s) or freelance rates.

Communication Design is equally important as monies spent on market research or monies from sales coming in. Why? Brand identity and your brand message is very important in setting a company apart from the competition. To be able to work through the ‘noise’ of technology, ads and media – you must have an effective brand, marketing strategy of your brand and a clear business model. All of this needs an effective and innovative communication design in order to stand out from the crowd.

If I told “the swoosh” – you would know it was Nike and realize you probably have a few pairs yourself. Sometimes people will do extensive research before purchasing a product (such as athletic gear) – but  NIKE  have effectively made their place in the market to be the forerunner (no pun) in athletic gear. Sure, there are many products that offer better or similar quality for a lesser price. But Nike has shrewdly constructed themselves as having a place in both pop culture and within the market place (chances are… some people who purchase Nike probably do not even work out or use them for exercise purposes). Many ‘tweens’ (even in my younger years) just purchase NIKE for the brand name and not necessarily for the quality or usage.

Anywho, having said that…I’m out there sending my resume and portfolio. It is rough out there – but like I said, I’m only in week 3 of joining the unemployed masses. Luckily, I am in school part time and am planning on taking a FLASH course on the weekend. Hopefully, by upgrading my skills will set me apart (albeit marginally) from the rest of the design masses.

Today – I plan on sending out a few more resumes and possibly network. I’m a bit behind in my readings/studies in my Communications Class (online). As well – taking French class (for which I also need to catch up on!).



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