Layer upon Layer


Ok – so not liking these guys!

Actually more of a jealousy thing! Two Graphic Designers, Tim & Bram Vanhaeren,  brothers based out of Belgium, create some beautiful designs and artwork for their clients (and of course themselves). Hating the fact they are so young too – Tim is 21 years old and Bram is 18!!! wow – great future ahead of them!

Hugo anyone?

Hugo anyone?

I especially love the below – so fitting in today’s times!

Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory

Today – I plan on attending classes (Francais) and try to finish up my Communication Reading.

Also – living in Sunny Vancouver (when it’s not raining) I happen to live by the beautiful seawall (minutes to the beach). Some people jog, bike or go rollerblading…I happen to go ROLLERSKATING! Uh huh…that’s right…rollerskates old skool style! If per chance you want to join the latest roller derby (which I hear it the next happening thing) – go to for more info. These are my kool moe dee wheels that I plan on using down the seawall.

I know you want them!

I know you want them!


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