Compliments to the Chef


Another wow post for y’all. I came across this as I was updating yesterday’s site (from another blogger post).

Simply gor-gus , amazing stuff! Perfectly marrying high fashion and cuisine (and to boot…recipes to the cuisine!) all beautifully photographed. The webzine states that they update as needed and at times infrequently – ouch, I’m not a patient person!

But in a way, I can see why…they take their time designing the clothes and/or cuisine and then painstaking photograph the items. My favourite thing that I have seen so far is the inspirational breastlift segment, which was inspired by “YSL gold breastplate and modern breastlift by the knife”. Taking untreated leather and unmolded leather – they create actual human form breastplates. I find it a bit creepy – yet so beautiful:

brand design

brand design

strike a pose

strike a pose

breast plate coupled with white shirt

breast plate coupled with white shirt

And they found a way to combine my two loves – shoes and pasta! Simply mouthwatering and wearable at the same time!


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