J’aime…J’aime! Je veux la purse!


In my time working at a wall decor company – we often had to research the latest designs and decor. I came across this Robert Le Hero’s site . I loved the usage of delicate botanical inspired graphics upon pieces such as handbags, home decor and furniture. I think currently their products is sold out of a place in Yaletown – but I haven’t seen it in there yet.


Storage space

Pour l'hommes

Pour l'hommes

le chic

le chic

I also love the photography accompanying their products – In their last catalogue, they themed it with world class cities such as Japan, Shanghai, New York and of course Paris. I notice this time they have included items for men as well.

I think it’s so important to showcase your product catalogue as an important brand design piece that should also act as a selling tool. Robert le Hero does such a smashastic job at it. It’s so easy to put product a with this photo, product b with this photo. Of course the product is the most important thing to showcase – but using photography within a beautifully design brochure can perfectly complement the pieces.

I may have to do a transatlantic trip very soon!


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