Flash Dance


no – not the Jennifer Beals’ version! Though it would give me a good excuse to get some leg warmers!

Sunday marked my first day at my FLASH class. I took FLASH when I was first studying to be a designer. Some of the great things about FLASH is that it allows great design and usability. Designers now can implement beautiful designs, typography and colour (instead of your standard verdana and san serif family css and #b3CDCD web colour). In FLASH pretty much what you see is what you get without having to worry about cross browser problems (but damn it… you still cannot see FLASH on an iPhone!)

Some of the downturns of FLASH is that you cannot really apply any internet marketing like SEO to it because you cannot apply tags to the .swf file (though I hear that is changing due to social network or viral marketing sites such as youtube.com). And like I said before – you can’t see FLASH on an iPhone! NOTE to APPLE: you should really think of implementing a way for us to see this on webpages!

Personally, I love  using FLASH. You can do some amazing things with CSS and HTML sites – wordpress being one of them (I, for one, hate waiting for the FLASH movie to load or the music to instantly go on…really….can we not put in an option to turn it off? Some sites don’t have that option at all!). But with FLASH you can actually put your design on the screen beautifully without having to worry about it being screwy in someone’s browser (unless they don’t have a plug in).

So this blog post – I’ve included some sites with some amazing FLASH (in terms of both design and interactivity).

Got Milk?

Got Milk?


Love this site! It has been around for a few years now (I think in 2007?). But it is still being recogonised as a top FLASH site to see. Interactive game for kids – find the milk! This is FLASH at its finest!

Cubicle menu

Cubicle menu


Graphic Design and Communications firm that specialise in brand identity, interactivity and graphic design.  Based out of Soho NYC and Fort Lauderdale, FL – they implemented an interactive map of their office (I would assume) and each ‘cubicle’ navigates you to a section. For example, portfolio or client list will take you to a board room etc.

Open 24/7

Open 24/7


Loving this site! Clean and crisp design with the right amount of interactivity. As oppose to clicking on links such as see portfolio or about us etc – they have used each colour block as a section. So when the user clicks on it – it opens up ‘book-style’ to explain the project etc.

I hope to get to this level some day – luckily a lot of the class is review which is good for me since I needed some brush up on those skill sets.

And if the FLASH class doesn’t work out  – I can always don some leg warmers and an off shoulder sweater and dance my heart out!


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