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Define Rewind


Do you remember cassette tapes? I definitely do – my VERY first one was Madonna “True Blue”. Man, I played that over and over … and also **SNICKER** choreographed dance moves (yeah…I did…show me a prepubescent kid of the 80s who didn’t do the same thing.) I’m sure you all remember how it was to […]

All too often – we tend to forget what kind of world we live in. As a designer/marketer – my career has been based on how can we communicate our message, how can we get through the noise of the market, how can we just make it sell. Living in this modern age – we […]

I’m a big fan of packaging design (can you tell from my previous posts?) – well just anything design-related in general. It might be because I know the work that goes into design can be time consuming and at times….heartbreaking: brainstorming, concept, meetings; convincing clients,more revisions, test market, more revisions, proof, more revisions, more client […]

So another week begins on the job hunt  – I know I haven’t posted anything in a few weeks as it has been pretty much the same. I have applied at a few places via internet and postings but nothing so far. Oh – but at least I’ve had a few ‘thanks, but no thanks’ […]

Sometimes you see inspiration in places you least expect it – I admit I carry my sketchbook around in case some awesome idea or design comes to mind (I’ll share that with all of you later on). But did you ever look at someone’s design or idea and think “oh wow, I wish I did […]

Paper cut


As a designer (albeit a bit of luddite) I absolutely LOVE letterpress items! Very **Drool** worthy for me – I would kill to have a machine in here to do that sort of thing (though if you live in the West End of Vancouver – you are very limited of space!). In case you didn’t […]

Colour glory


Adobe has this fantastic web application for choosing colours named Kuler. If you are in a creative funk or need some inspiration…this is one kool moe dee place to check out. You can upload photos and have Kuler sample the image – the application will show you the colour range. Or you can type in […]