Colour glory


Adobe has this fantastic web application for choosing colours named Kuler. If you are in a creative funk or need some inspiration…this is one kool moe dee place to check out. You can upload photos and have Kuler sample the image – the application will show you the colour range. Or you can type in some key words you are looking for in your design (i.e. pink) and it will arrange a list of all of the tags attached to it. Once you’ve chosen your colour – you can take it to another page and modify it. For example, you can take one colour bar, set it as the base…and Kuler will give you colour ranges of complementary, compound, shades etc. It will give you the colour values including CMYK, RGB, LAB and Hex. This application is one of the best tools to use – it will also let you export your colours to the design application you are using (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop etc) – Remember, it is an ADOBE site! You can even save your colour combos (you need to sign up for an account).

Anywho, I’ve posted some pics I shot with my nifty iPhone (best electronic toy EVER – yes I’m an Apple Sheep!) and then show you the colour Kuler applied to the photos.

At dusk

At dusk


Over the summer, we were treated to some amazing weather and some unusual thunderstorms – this was taken by my house. I love the gorgeous gradients of oranges, reds and yellows – mixed in with black!


At dusk by the beach

bythebeachOne of the great things about living in Vancouver – beautiful mountains, serene ocean and gorgeous weather – well when not raining!

bottles - at ease

bottles - at ease

Bottles from afar

ok – I guess I should have taken these more at eye level. I liked the packaging and design so I took a photo. meh – a bit blurry but Kuler managed to capture the colours!

tickle me pink!


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