What colour is your parachute? I think I’m purple!


businesscard copy

So another week begins on the job hunt  – I know I haven’t posted anything in a few weeks as it has been pretty much the same. I have applied at a few places via internet and postings but nothing so far. Oh – but at least I’ve had a few ‘thanks, but no thanks’ emails from prospective employers (I’m just glad they at least personalised it a bit with my name – even if it is with a generic signature). To my surprise – a few of them have apologised for not getting back to me sooner as they have been inundated with resumes (quelle surprise!).

Having worked in an in house design department, I’m starting to feel like a soap opera actor trying to get cred in La La land. All to often you read the hardships of soap opera actors who try to break it – only to be brushed aside as not really being an actor (sans the ones who made it like Demi Moore or Julianna Moore. Side note: I have a mini girl crush on Julianna Moore). I’ve applied at creative agencies to no avail – I know it’s mostly through word of mouth or someone who knows someone, who knows someone sort of deal.

First, I decided to totally revamp my resume. Re-design and re-write. This is a full time job my friends – tooting your own horn and writing about your accomplishments without embellishing is HARD! I think I re-wrote it 6 times, had 3 awesome friends proofread the heck out of it and then more revisions. Note to people: always proofread!!!!! After reading and designing my resume – I realised there is always room for improvement. Even things I thought were witty and would stand out – received a ‘no’ from my friends.

Second, I bought a book called What colour is your Parachute best seller for career seekers (like moi). It came recommended from someone via the GDC listserv (Graphic Designer Society of Canada). Some great tips on how to get a job even in these tough times – like targeting your marketing, networking etc. And not to just rely on internet alone. These are things I already know, but it’s hard for me to get out there and network! I guess it’s been easier for me in the past – most of the jobs I applied, I received at least an interview. My last job – headhunted me. The last time I went job hunting was in 2001 – the last job downturn (I just came out of design school and I was competing with designers with more experience for the same job).

So, my next venture will be to follow the book. Network, targeted audience and network! For my first ‘networking’ I will attempt will be at the SFU Marketing/Students night. This is where students will meet communication and marketing firms on effective marketing etc – but it’s also a networking meeting between students and companies. Ironically, a few years ago I did such a thing for my old design school. But I figured to dip my toes in the waters. What do I have to lose?

It’s funny, when I have to sell or market…I’m extremely good at it … selling retail, speaking to customers, securing an account for sales, speaking engagements with sales departments on trends and marketing…I have no problem. But when it comes to speaking for myself…oy vey!!!!! Nothing gets me more nervous! I will provide an update on how that goes for me!

So, off to job hunting we go!!!


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