I’ll drink to that!


I’m a big fan of packaging design (can you tell from my previous posts?) – well just anything design-related in general. It might be because I know the work that goes into design can be time consuming and at times….heartbreaking: brainstorming, concept, meetings; convincing clients,more revisions, test market, more revisions, proof, more revisions, more client meetings and final product.

I also tend to buy things based on design – which is not always the greatest way to choose a product but I feel that if they took the time to design a beautiful product – they took the time on the product (yes I know it’s all about marketing!).

You may remember from my post about Kuler – I took a photo of Bottle Green products ( See post here). Anywho, the company decided to re-design and come up with a fabulous limited edition of their products – Loving the design! I find the usage of colour and graphics absolutely stunning:




As quoted from Dieline:

“The bottlegreen brand identity and packaging was created by Ziggurat Brands, and reflects the brands superbly crafted cordials, using traditional wine blending processes. Ziggurat Brands came up with the idea of approaching second and third year UK textile design students to create a label design for a range of bottlegreen limited edition sparkling pressés. Bottlegreen were keen to involve consumers directly in the process, so four entrants were short listed and put to public vote through an online gallery on consumer websites, the Bottlegreen website and its Twitter and Facebook profile pages.”

I love how they also used social media to get their brand message out there – involve their target market…get the buzz going.

Kudos that they used a student (Rachel Pitman) for the design and pay her accordingly! It’s a bit of a spec contest – however Ziggurat Brands was involved in the process and offered the student 2 weeks of work experience to take the design from concept to completion.

Lucy Wiltshire, Brand Manager of Bottlegreen Drinks Co. comments: “We believe that Rachel’s winning designs reflect the essence of bottlegreen’s stylish and premium quality, whilst still retaining the company’s traditional British roots. The use of vibrant colour in Rachel’s design will definitely have an impact on shelf and we are confident that the new limited edition design bottles will appeal to our existing customer base and encourage new customers to purchase.”

To my friends: Bottoms up!


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