Sustain your life


All too often – we tend to forget what kind of world we live in. As a designer/marketer – my career has been based on how can we communicate our message, how can we get through the noise of the market, how can we just make it sell.

Living in this modern age – we forget that we are living on borrowed time with the planet. Our planet can be a renewable source of energy and food – providing we treat it with respect and be thankful for what we have and can obtain from it.

I came across Above Magazine. A lifestyle magazine based out of the UK that focuses on the environmental issues we are facing today as well as maintaining a sustainable living environment. A magazine that makes us realise without pushing the agenda down our throats.  As editor Nicolas Rachline:

“Responding to the urgent need for sustainable living, Above magazine calls upon the environmentally conscious and everyone else interested in the future by sharpening its focus on the endangered beauty of the world.

It is our firm belief that photography, the plastic arts, fashion, architecture and design can be instrumental in raising awareness about the need to preserve nature and we aim to share our opinionated, yet aesthetic vision, with our readers.”

I have to say – this magazine is beautiful. Such a great usage of typography and design while making their media message come through. While it may be a bit ironic that it is a printed magazine, they also offer it online.




It is available Dec 09.

Sustainable design for sustainable living.


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