Define Rewind


Do you remember cassette tapes? I definitely do – my VERY first one was Madonna “True Blue”. Man, I played that over and over … and also **SNICKER** choreographed dance moves (yeah…I did…show me a prepubescent kid of the 80s who didn’t do the same thing.)

I’m sure you all remember how it was to make a mixed tape – a soundtrack to your life. I remember making my own mixed tapes … venomously searching for the right songs, begging my parents for a “Dual Cassette” player (which btw, my parents bought me a hot pink one) and the best…putting the cassette recorder right next to the speaker of the TV or radio. I still remember the times of listening to a song and then all of sudden the tape would stop and hearing the “click” and “slide” as I recorded songs and having to switch to the other side (Anyone born after 1989 probably don’t even understand what “B side” song means).

Today, I received an email newsletter from Daily Candy (a fab newsletters of fashion beauty, home décor, design etc) and one of the articles was Cassette from My Ex: Stories and Soundtracks of Lost Loves written by Jancee Dunn, Rick Moody and other creative types wax nostalgic about old flames through the music they compiled. Here they complied stories of people and their mixed tapes. Here’s a small sample of quotes:

“At first, I thought she was an alcoholic lesbian.”

“I was an Asian guy with long hair who was into Heavy Metal; she was a Latvian dancer who liked to chain-smoke Camels.”

“My first kiss ended in bloodshed.”

Love it! How many of you made mixed tapes of love songs? Or just how you felt that day? Trying to write the title and artist of the song on that .25” x 3”  of whitespace allocated! Geesh!

Of course, there are probably millions of cassette tapes floating around. I found some ingenious ideas of what to do with that old Thompson twins tape:

Done by Marcella Foschi, Italy – each wallet is a dismantle old cassette tape, insides removed and then combined with a zipper. You can find this here.


Or how about combining the old with the new? Vancouver based design house Contexture Designs, uses old cassette tapes as casing for the 4th generation Nano.


And from artist iri5, who is an artist that specializes in using non traditional media such as old books, audio cassettes, playing cards, magazines, credit cards, basically whatever she can find. You can find some of her other work here. The way she composes her artwork using mixed media (no pun intended) is absolutely fab!



Play that funky music.


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