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More than words


Thank goodness the sun is finally coming out in Vancouver! It’s been raining a lot in the last two weeks and it’s simply gor-jus today! I finally created a twitter account ! I know – it’s been around for a few years and pretty much everyone has an account. As some of you who read […]

Press it up


Today is A’s birthday today and I will attempt to bake a Black Forest Cake (apparently his favourite – I did not attempt to bake it last year but since I’m not working I can spare the time today). It also dawned on me that Christmas is just around the corner! Yikes! A little bit […]

Eye see you


I’ve pretty much worn glasses my whole life (yah ….pretty much your stereotypical Chinese girl – except I can’t play piano and suck at math). From the time I was 10 to now – I’ve had my share of glasses, contact lenses, eye infections from the contact lenses to considering laser eye surgery (which btw, […]

The rain is falling in Vancouver at a venomous rate! I know, I know – living in Vancouver…you gotta put up with rain! I bought myself a new nifty umbrella that is bright green (well, more so that motorists actually see me when I try crossing the street!). On the job front, my prospects are […]

Today is Remembrance Day. This is a time to reflect on those who died for us and are still fighting for us to have the basic freedoms that is denied by many. Put away all you think about war and governments today as today is a time to remember the soldiers are the ones on […]



UGH – one thing about living in Vancouver…you need to deal with the rain for about 9 months out of the year (if not more). The past few weeks have been rain, rain rain…the sunshine did make an appearance a few times. However, with any gloom you need to look for a silver lining somewhere! […]

Oh dear, I have not posted anything in a week! My bad – I usually like to post things that catches my fancy where I feel the need to share with the world right away! Actually been super duper busy with work search and meeting (a.k.a network) people. Anywho, on to the find of the […]