Recycle is the new black


Oh dear, I have not posted anything in a week! My bad – I usually like to post things that catches my fancy where I feel the need to share with the world right away! Actually been super duper busy with work search and meeting (a.k.a network) people.

Anywho, on to the find of the day (or at this rate…the week).

I admit, I’m a bag whore….I have this addiction to beautiful handbags (and shoes but that’s another post). It takes all of my being when I see a gorgeous bag on sale NOT to purchase it! Seriously, I would almost consider not buying my daily skim milk mochas for a month to buy a gorgeous bag. Especially now in my “not working, starving student, living in Vancouver” mode right now. Incidentally, I saw some beautiful Matt and Nat bags at Winners… it took every ounce of control not to use my credit card!

Luckily, I found some bags that will not break my bank account and are AWESOME! They are from UMA urban materials + accessories, you can find some other amazing items here.

Made from old billboard ads, adie cut, no glue, no stitch shoulder bag. Simple functional design with symmetry. And strong too! well they would have to be if they are made out of billboard ads.


These bags turn from a 2-D design to a 3-D functional form bag.



And come in some AMAZING colours! LOVE IT!

3.2You can purchase a bag for only $16 USD! I’m assuming it’s more expensive for leather.

Oh, and in addition to my previous post Define Rewind I found another use for old cassette tapes.


Made by Sonic Fabric (Alyce Santoro) with the help of New York designer Julio Cesar, the Recycled Cassette Tape necktie is made from 50% recorded audio cassette tape and 50% colored thread, and will actually play audio when a tape-head is run over it (a sample of what your tie would be playing can be heard here). More importantly though, these ties look decent enough to wear on a daily basis and will pass off as normal until you whip out that old tape head reader. Available in brown, black, and grey here.

via: Limitedhype

Oy vey! Such lovely finds! Environmentally friendly and makes you look good too!


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