UGH – one thing about living in Vancouver…you need to deal with the rain for about 9 months out of the year (if not more). The past few weeks have been rain, rain rain…the sunshine did make an appearance a few times. However, with any gloom you need to look for a silver lining somewhere! I captured a picture of a bubble that sat on our windowsill for an hour…seriously….an hour! I Excuse the dirty sill, I am not about to go outside and clean it at the moment!


Anywho, on to my latest post:

About a month or two ago, I went to the “One of a Kind” show at Canada Place. There, local independent designers showcased their product and wares. Everything from jewellery, home decor, clothes, and other DIY items (but on a much grander scale!).

I, myself, bought a nifty little bracelet! I never wear jewellery…I just like collecting them.

I came across a beautifully designed magazine called Uppercase. They release their magazine as follows: Fall (Oct), Winter (January), and Spring (April). Their current edition is sold out and is only available to new subscribers. They are “a magazine for the creative and curious!”



They also create and sell greeting cards, pocket mirrors and design and publish their own books. How can you not want a copy of “The Shatner Show: 76 images inspired by the life and career of Mr. Shatner, the book includes quotes from Shatner, as well as commentary by the artists on the pop culture icon and their working methods.”


Seriously, how can you not up your status quo with this sitting on your coffee table?

Beam me up.


2 Responses to “Uppercut”

  1. So I missed the “One of a Kind” show this year, damn! Saw it last year and vowed to go back. I saw it in Toronto 10 years ago and am pleased it’s finally made it’s way here. I was surprised at the number of out of town artists.. from back East as well as the US. They pay big bucks to enter, not to mention food and lodging while they’re here. It goes to show there’s money in good craft work. Wanted to investigate starting it up here, but knew it was not MY vision. Glad someone finally put the pieces together to make it happen. There’s the Circle Craft Christmas Show coming up later this month… and while the work is excellent, the One of a Kind is edgier, fresher. But you decide.

    Thanks for the heads up on UPPERCASE. I’ll definitely pay more attention after reading your blog. So much stuff out there demanding our attention… this one’s worth a look.

    I now invite you to visit my blog, which I’ve JUST put out there. I still need to tweak one or two things, but it’s good to release it.

    • 2 will work for design

      Yes – the show was pretty good. REALLY expensive items though….but it makes sense b/c it sounds like a place that is expensive to have your things showcased. I’m more inclined to attend a show like this as oppose to an alternative craft fair.

      UPPERCASE is a beautiful magazine – you should definitely check it out some more when you have a moment!

      Where is your blog? Is it listed on your website?

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