Eye see you


I’ve pretty much worn glasses my whole life (yah ….pretty much your stereotypical Chinese girl – except I can’t play piano and suck at math). From the time I was 10 to now – I’ve had my share of glasses, contact lenses, eye infections from the contact lenses to considering laser eye surgery (which btw, scares the bejebees out of me!).

And coming from a stereotypical Asian family, my parents didn’t really see it necessary for me to have expensive glasses (since I needed new ones every few years). I always had the HUGE coke bottles ones around that sat on face … leaving marks on my cheeks from the weight…seriously.

Now if they only my parents bought me these glasses! Eyewear from Ksubi (subi is pronounced as “soobie” in Australian accents, and “sue-bee” in American accents), a high end fashion house based out of Sydney, Australia. Co-founded and directed by surfers Dan Single, George Gorrow, Paul Wilson and Oscar Wright. Ksubi produces some very provacative photoshoots and fashion shows based on their collections. Ok – the ones below are quite tame – I love how they mixed in bookclub-ish imagery with the eyewear.

Eye-sore they are not.


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