More than words


Thank goodness the sun is finally coming out in Vancouver! It’s been raining a lot in the last two weeks and it’s simply gor-jus today!

I finally created a twitter account ! I know – it’s been around for a few years and pretty much everyone has an account. As some of you who read this post – I’m on a job hunt. So far, it’s been ok. I’ve had two job interviews in the past week and waiting to hear back from another one. I’m also working with a recruiter – so we’ll see what happens 😉

Anyway, I’m bringing up twitter because since I’m into blogging (albeit sporadically) I felt I needed to create a twitter account as well. Which in turn is a tool to help me in my job search. Nothing really concrete has materialised – but I’ve also seen/tagged other resources of design/typography/style/fashion etc. I’ve seen some pretty amazing stuff so far!

I’m a lover of typography (amongst other things) but typography is a fine art form. Incorrect kerning, inappropriate typeface for work and/or a fugly typeface can ruin the communication message and brand. I’m in awe of typography designers who are able to execute this form flawlessly.

Found this site via Curious and Android (note to self: need to change my wordpress theme :D). Check out the latest from Axel Peemöller who designed underground signage for a way-finding-system for the eureka tower carpark, melbourne (with Emery Studio). **LOVE** the simplicity of Helvetica with the superimposed lettering (you cannot miss where to go). Check it out yo!

Show me the way.


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