Doodle me Doodle


Ok – I made a promise to myself that I would totally update my blog more often that not. Right now, I have three finals, one freelance project (web and marketing) and one more school project to be completed next week. Who says I’m not working?? (well technically I’m not working – but I’m working non-paid!).

Yesterday, I found out that my blog is linked to Above Magazine’s press site (Look under Sustain your life – yay me!). For professional bloggers, I’m sure this is a ‘meh’ moment as most professional bloggers get a few hundred (if not thousands) of hits a day. I’m just happy getting a mention 🙂 If you haven’t checked out Above Magazine – do so TODAY! Their latest issue is out now. For more information about Above Magazine, you can check out the link above or read it in my previous post.

On to my new crush of the day: Natalie Perkins. I’m totally **HEARTING** this lady! So talented and fresh! Hailing from Brisbane, Australia – this amazing designer specialises in typography and illustration (and y’all know how I feel about typography!).

She has some truly fantastic stuff! She calls Alphonse Mucha, Stefen Sagmeister, Jessica Hische and Marian Bantjes as some of her graphical heroes (who doesn’t?).

As quoted on her blog (this is why I heart her):

“I am a fancy lady: a bombastic beehive of peroxide, sass and anxiety. A creative bon vivant who proudly calls Brisbane home, I draw, design and advocate for fat acceptance. I think we should be friends.”

I want to be her friend!


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