DIY – Christmas style


oooohhh….Christmas is next week! la dee da! Today also happens to be my birthday! I refuse to divulge my age here.

Having a birthday so close to Christmas can suck sometimes – as people don’t really have the money to do anything (with presents) or they are busy with parties or going home. The best is when they combine the gifts together with my Xmas gifts. I’ve come to be “meh” about it now.

Also – I finally purchased a hosting company and domain registry for my portfolio. I’ll be moving over my blog to a dedicated host – so stay tuned!

So – on to today’s post.

With Christmas just around the corner and if you need some decorations – I found some neat-o ideas (via Design*Sponge). So easy to do and be-you-ti-ful!

Basically – you’ll need some dollies and a pair of scissors. Just like in primary school – you fold it in 1/4 and then cut out the design in middle. Unfold and then iron out – Et voila! String along with fishing wire or something similar around the house.

Now – it’s a bit late to get some cards out (unless you plan on sending them out today). You find some ingenious and gorgeous Christmas cards done by Bench Couchman (found via Under Consideration).

As quoted to Under Consideration:

For one of our projects we had done a series of woodcut inspired prints to use on different Fossil products. It was my first time working with the technique and it was fun to get away from the computer and learn something new. It was also relatively simple so I thought it could work well for our holiday cards. Previously, I had used a single color but I thought it would be fun to try printing with two colors. The actual carving was pretty easy and probably took about 2 hours. The trickiest part was to carve it so that each block would line up correctly for printing. I used the dining room as a production area and just printed an hour at a time for a few days until we had it all done.

The rubber doesn’t hold a great amount of detail which I learned early on while we were printing. Smaller lines, like the type, didnt seem to hold up as well as I had wanted but it also gave it an overall rougher feel which we were OK with. Based on suggestions from friends I think I’ll try using linocut blocks next time to get a little bit more detail in there.

These are amazing! So intricate in its design! I wish I could have the patience and know how to do something like this! Well, maybe next year I’ll try something like this – well if I start now 🙂

So off I go to my birthday day! I usually treat myself to a prezzie and a dinner of some sort – so we’ll see what the day holds!


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