Down the rabbit hole


I’m not one to buy things based on brand name. But I admit I love Louis Vuitton. There is something so classic about the its iconic logo.

I came across these gorgeous pieces I found via Luxuo:

Louis Vuitton have prepared a collection of small accessories in tribute to Renée, Gaston Louis Vuitton’s wife, who loved wooden toys.

A hundred years ago Renée, Gaston Louis Vuitton’s wife, used to collect the small wooden toys manufactured by the Vuitton family.

is wooden toy collection was created more than 60 years ago and the examples were found in the Maison’s archives.”

“In 1954, Gaston paid tribute to his wife’s hobby by dedicating a whole floor of the Avenue Marceau store to her toy collection.

Taking inspiration from the wooden animal toys mentioned above, the Animania collection is a playful pack of Monogram-clad animals and cute details.”

I simply love the simplicity of the design – coupled with the classic Louis Vuitton logo. I would sell a lot of candy to get my hands on a few of these items!


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