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Caffeine high


In my university days, I supplemented my income as a Barista. I absolutely LOVED it (I had the exception of working for a really great guy who worked around my school schedule too).  I can still properly steam milk to a certain degree and create the “perfect’ foam; soft foam with just the right amount […]



I love to read – period. Nothing sounds more perfect than lying on the couch with a great book. Or at the beach on a beautiful day. For me – I can never buy into the Kindle or any other electronic book reader as I love the tangiable quality of flipping the pages. Plus – […]

Mixed love


It’s another beautiful Olympic day in Vancouver. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the cherry blossoms are starting to come out which indicates the weather is a bit too warm. Today – I plan on exploring the city. It’s nice to see it from a different perspective as I think when people live in their cities … they […]

This week has been so crazy! Olympics are in full gear in Vancouver and it’s simply amazing to see and experience. Aside from the fact we have NO SNOW – the Olympics are trucking along. A is working for the Olympics so I decided to go to the heart of downtown to catch the fever. […]

Ok – so I broke my New Year’s resolution already. I stated I would post Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. I landed a small contract job and plus going to school at night made little time to post. I will make more effort if not for my own well being. So, today’s post I came across […]

I used to shop on e-bay a lot. For the prices and I loved finding great deals on clothes. Though, I would be hit with duty free fees and I would get caught up in the whole auction thing. I still love buying clothes online. I found this wonderful online clothing site, Ruche – I […]