Caffeine high


In my university days, I supplemented my income as a Barista. I absolutely LOVED it (I had the exception of working for a really great guy who worked around my school schedule too).  I can still properly steam milk to a certain degree and create the “perfect’ foam; soft foam with just the right amount of air so it’s not too light … but just dense enough. My favourite drink is a skim milk mocha with no whipped cream (what we used to call … ‘what’s the point’).

So, today’s post is devoted to some awesome coffee package designs I’ve come across (links and info via Lovely Package and DieLine):

I used to go to JJ Bean all the time because it was so close to my house. They make the best coffee (pretty close to the authentic)

JJ Bean went through a rebranding back in April 2009 designed by Thought Shop.

Special edition tin for Finnish coffee brand Paulig designed by Sanna Annukka.

“Partnering with Brew Nerds from their inception, Mitre created a lo-fi, dry witted and whimsical brand identity that appeals to people who are serious about coffee but don’t take themselves too seriously.” Designed by Mitre Agency

I find this brand has a nice kitchy value to it. A coffeeshop based out of South Africa, Afro Coffee sells worldwide via online shopping in addition to their coffee shops.


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