Oh deer


I’ve said it here before…I’m a lover of magazines! Well anything really design-related (that is beautiful natch!) I frequently post magazines because I find it is a dying art form as media moves more digital.

Fortunately there are online services that provide magazines a digitized version of their print form. I’ve mentioned Above Magazine in a previous post, a publication focused on sustainable design and living.

Another gorgeous magazine that has gone digital is Antler – a magazine that focuses on fashion and design. Taken from their manifesto: Antler is an online magazine which focuses on composing a collection of beautiful, inspiring ideas and designs from all aspects of life. Read the rest of manifesto here.

Their current issue on stand is Vol. 3 Vintage…and it’s simply gor-jus!

And check out this photo spread – beautiful!

Simply divine!


2 Responses to “Oh deer”

  1. 1 Phanyxx

    I agree, a very well produced e-magazine… thanks for posting.

  2. 2 will work for design

    yes – I found it today! Simply gorgeous. There was more to post – but I felt that spread was the best and spoke volumes about the magazine.

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