Colour bits


I love that Spring is coming! Living in Vancouver – the city is vibrant with gorgeous scenery and natural colour, it is amazing. Though – due to unusual warmth (just in time for the Olympics a few weeks ago!) the cherry blossoms are blooming…a few months too soon.

Having said that – I simply **LOVE** colour. Especially vibrant colours that used **POP**. In my blog search today, I came across this beautifully designed (and strong colour), Tokyo’s famous Senzoku Kaguen College of Music’s latest addition (via CoolHunter):

Affectionately called “The Black Hole”, this area houses recording studios, multimedia studios, electronic organ classrooms, PC labs, and practice studios for jazz, jazz vocal, pop and rock. In the otherwise basic hallways, intense wall and ceiling colours have become the main design element, and the way finding ‘ large-scale painted signage on the walls ‘ is the main artwork.

Also I found this beautiful map designed by Stephen Van Woren to showcase the dominance of fast food burgers chains in the US:

Makes you think huh?


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