Publishing is not dead


Happy Friday everyone! Sorry to be neglecting my posts (there goes my NY’s resolution). Life has been a bit crazy – but I plan on doing better next week!

As you may know – I’m a great lover of magazines. This past year…we’ve seen the sad passings of great magazines such as I.D. and Decor.

With the advent of Kindle and now iPad – we are moving into a digitalised versions of printed magazines and publications. Suffice to say, this saddens me (though I do understand the environmental issues of moving into electronic versions.) But, why take away publications? I cannot fathom taking my iPad to the beach (yes – I would get an iPad if it wasn’t a glorified version of the iPhone or iPod touch). I hope, actually wish, that if publications move to the electronic area…don’t forget about the design aspect, the written word aspect, or the content intellectual driven aspect. I’ve talked about Antler (see post) and Above Magazines (see post) as been some of the forerunners within this aspect.

I came across this great video that speaks volumes of how I feel (I realise the irony by it being on youtube and my blog):

Keep the sound on — it heightens the impact.


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