Pencil me in


Before I decided to become a designer – I wanted to write novels. I’m a lover of books (amongst other things) and I am on a constant look out for the next great novel to dissect.

As a child, I used to write massive short stories on lined loose leafed paper, create a cover and carefully stapled them together. My teachers in primary school used to write that I didn’t pay enough attention class because my nose was buried in the latest edition of Encyclopedia Brown (see here in case you don’t remember him!). I was also quite involved in scary novels and mythology – I read everything there was to read about werewolves, mummies,  frankenstein, and vampires (I was into vampires way before Twilight!).

Today, I came across this gorgeous exhibit of the Leipzig Book Fair via CoolHunter and it brought me back to those early years as an aspiring novelist.

This 4 day affair attracts some 150,000 visitors each March, the four-day Fair is one of Europe’s largest book events. Via their website “An ideal communication platform, the Leipzig Book Fair provides extensive information about new publications as well as current and future trends in the German-speaking and European markets.”

(via Cool Hunter) – “The writing instrument hardly anybody uses for writing. Interior Architect and product designer, 29-year-old Johannes Albert and Book Designer Helmut Stabe designed and realized the pencil concept for Mitteldeutscher Verlag Publishers.

The pencils function as giveaways, as decorative objects and as parts of the construction of the booth. The idea is that the visitors can decide to take a pen, alter the display, or leave it all as is. 315 of the pencils actually held the perforated boards in position while others functioned as wall stands for the books.

If I didn’t rent my apartment, I would absolutley love to do this exhibit on my wall. This is simply amazing, check it out:

Pencils down.


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