Hope for Haiti


The aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti is absolutely heartbreaking; to see so many people without homes, running water or food. Especially in a country where it was already on the brink of fall down due to economic and political turmoil.

In time of sadness, we realise that we are all human beings sharing the same planet and we cannot turn away from our own. No matter what your beliefs are or who you are, we cannot escape the fact that we are all same. This is where the world comes together to help the less fortunate and the Haiti Poster project is an example of this humanity.

The project launched by Josh Higgins is a creative director in San Diego CA, and the organizer of the 2007 SO-CAL FIRE POSTER PROJECT.  The project, started three days after the earthquake, is a collaborative effort by the design community to help effect change through our work. Signed and numbered, limited edition posters have been donated by designers and artists from around the world. All money raised will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

It is awe inspiring to see so many people, designers, come together in time of hope. It is time to reflect on our lives and realise we are only on this planet for a short time. We can never take for granted for what we have or don’t have because these people have absolutely nothing. Hopefully this project will surely be a step in the right direction to help rebuild their country again.

As I post these images by no means and I’m singling out any designer. All of these posters send a powerful message of love and humanity. As well open our eyes to what is around us – we are all one.

All posters go on sale on April 05. I wish I can buy them all.


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