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Poster Child


Happy Friday Everyone! Just a few more days until June! I cannot believe how time flies – we are already in the middle of 2010.  Though you wouldn’t  know it with the weather in Vancouver lately it seems to have fallen back to the fall-like rainy days as oppose to the lazy days of summer. […]

I apologise for the slight delay in my posts as I was away for the Victoria Long weekend (no internet!).Other than visiting my parents (who do not have a computer) – the mini-getaway was nice. So, it gives me time to catch up on the latest finds in my search for all things beautiful. Today […]

Happy Friday y’all! I hope you are gearing up for a fantastic long weekend! Me, I’m off to visit my parents in Saskatchewan and A is coming along for the ride 😀 As summer approaches, I’m sure everyone is planning their fabulous vacations. Today I came across the newly opened Pantone Hotel in Brussels! Impeccably […]

Double Trouble


Today, I noticed a few of my black fave items that were once a luxurious black has now turned into this in between black and grey (maybe charcoal?). And being as cheap as I am (as well I  cannot part with my favourite items) I choose to dye them back to their once glorious colour. […]

Olive Juice


In my kitchen, I have a few essentials for cooking: Oregano, balsamic vinegar, kosher salt, soy sauce and of course olive oil.  Though you’d think I’d transfer one the olive oil in one of those nifty containers that dispenses the perfect amount of oil (I can never find the perfect container :/). I came across […]

Got Milk?


As a kid, I used to drink TONS of milk. Most likely because my father is a baker and we used to have a ton of homogenised milk at home due to his bakery (free milk!). I always love the intricate development of packaging design (as seen from previous posts).  Today I came across some […]

Happy Friday everyone – Another gorgeous day has arrived in Vancouver. As I’ve posted before – I love colour. Bright, Powerful, and Awe Inspiring colour schemes and palettes. In my search for all things beautiful, I came across RGB. RGB is a collection of wallpapers designed by Carnovsky, where R (Red) G (Green) B (Blue) […]