Got Milk?


As a kid, I used to drink TONS of milk. Most likely because my father is a baker and we used to have a ton of homogenised milk at home due to his bakery (free milk!).

I always love the intricate development of packaging design (as seen from previous posts).  Today I came across some gorgeous packaging designs. This milk package design created by FFunction, Montréal-based firm that specializes in user interface and data visualization, alongside Audrée Lapierre (blog and portfolio), Montréal-based designer who specializes in graphic and interface, was a self-initiated project to create simple, yet informative package design. As quoted by Audrée Lapierre’s site:

The nutritional facts are used to brand the packaging as well as giving useful informations about the product. The data visualisations offer a clean graphic approach of the caloric ratio, nutrient balance completeness, ingredients and their specific amount of carbohydrate, fat, protein and sodium per serving.

The data visualizations say more than a regular nutritional facts label. For example, ingredients are visually linked to their corresponding components (carbohydrate, total fat, proteins, sodium, others). In the case of a bag of chips, you would immediately see that it contains lots of ingredients without nutritive value.

Nutritional information becomes the main goal of the packaging, while still carrying a powerful branding by combining an expressive form with useful information.

Milk does a body good!


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