Olive Juice


In my kitchen, I have a few essentials for cooking: Oregano, balsamic vinegar, kosher salt, soy sauce and of course olive oil.  Though you’d think I’d transfer one the olive oil in one of those nifty containers that dispenses the perfect amount of oil (I can never find the perfect container :/).

I came across this simple, yet elegant package design. Designed by NT.GJ a multidisciplinary design studio out of Lisbon, Portugal. This award winning agency focuses mainly on structural package design coupled with brand identity and graphics design. I love their “about us” quote in regards to package design:

We create fearless, innovative future turned packaging so we help the brands become the iconic shining brands of tomorrow…

Seductive, desirable design that looks good, is environmentally good and ultimately, is commercially good too are our key guidelines.

One of their recent projects was for “O” Olive Oil. “O” is produces fine virgin olive oil. I love the simple yet elegant design. The actual “O” in the logo is transparent. As well, the bottle itself is designed with a gradual gradient of white to clear:

Olive Oly!


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