Poster Child


Happy Friday Everyone!

Just a few more days until June! I cannot believe how time flies – we are already in the middle of 2010.  Though you wouldn’t  know it with the weather in Vancouver lately :/ it seems to have fallen back to the fall-like rainy days as oppose to the lazy days of summer.

As the French would say “C’est le vie” – Summer IS just around the corner (well one would hope).

I came across the 21st international Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont or 21e festival international de l’afiche et du graphisme de chaumont.(starting tomorrow and ends June 20). Poster designs are submitted by students from all over the world for this annual event.

For 2010, the festival asks the same question to the students, the designers and the audience:
“Graphic design, qu’est-ce que c’est??”.

I love how the poster looks on side – vertical or horizontal. The poster is beautiful designed with such great usage of typography:

I also came across this innuvative package design by Sabrina Levesque, a design student at UQAM in Montreal. This prototype conceptualize as Bulbo and Presto was designed for her packaging class. I love how the packaging is shaped like a bulb and each herb is separated by its own pod.

The pesto is served in individual portions together in a bouquet evoking the shape of the garlic. Presto version offers a tasting of various mixtures of herbs.

Simply lovely!


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