Runaway Train


Living in Vancouver (especially in the heart of the city) I rely very heavily on public transit in particular, the Skytrain. While as clean as it is – it seems a sterile in the sense of design (well – the new Canada line built for the Olympics possesses a nice clean aerodynamic design).  But the interior is a bit sterile (sorry Translink!).

I came across these design-drool worthy interiors for metro systems:

In 2008, the Amsterdam Public Transport Company started to transform various subway-carriages into riding artworks. Basically, designers were asked to submit ideas of how they would re-design the carriages. – and the chosen designers (40 were selected based on idea submissions) were able to put their ideas forward! One of the designers chosen was Million Dollar Design:

From their website:

With our design, the common dark gray atmosphere of the underground has been transformed into a colorful underwater world. Mermaids swim along, an octopus hides under an umbrella and a turtle takes you on a journey into the unknown. The subway consists of two differently designed so-called ‘bins’ (compartments). One has a predominantly green color which reminds you of the deep underwater, where strange little creatures are floating around. The other which is purple, suggests that it’s closer to the surface, where small fish are flirting  with the sparkling of the sunlight onto the water.

It would be hard for me to get off at the right stop staring at these lovely things!


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