Hu2-tiful designs


I want a new MacBook Pro! As much as I love my current one – it’s starting to look scratch up and marks everywhere…I need something to beautify it somehow!

Luckily I found this amazing decal artistry pieces designed specifically for Macs by Hu2 Designs, an UK online design store that encourages eco designs. Little reminders if you will. The decal are developed with a bio material that is completely free of chlorine and plasticizers. They have many other beautiful decals for your home or office (or anywhere you chill!)

All Hu2 Design stickers are designed to be applied to any smooth surface including walls windows & furniture. The vinyls are completely removable and leave no residue.

Not only have we created an illustrative style that is today the brand’s trademark, we have also given wall stickers a purpose within the household. This has resulted in a series of story-telling reminders and signage related home stickers. We thrive on Interactive Design, and there is no better satisfaction for us than in making information look beautiful.

Ceci n'est pas une pomme

In case you forget....

Unplug me when you're gone

Just help prolong my beautiful MacBook!


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