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Picture Perfect


My big European tour is fast approaching! I’m off to Munich, Sibiu, Varna and Istanbul! I’ll try to maintain my blog during that time – but it will be hard to say depending on access to a computer or not. Today, I found a great way (via PillarBox) to use those billzion photos you may […]

Get Carded


I personally hate hanging pictures – I love putting rooms together: choosing the  colour scheme, design the layout and choosing furniture, but trying to hang pictures is the death of me. Today, I came across this unique interior created conceived and built by Toby Horrocks and Kristian Aus for a storefront at Melbourne’s State of […]

I must apologise for the sporadic blog posts – I usually try to post at least twice a week (Tuesday and Thursdays) but I recently started a full time job in addition to school and other side jobs. But do not fret my pets – I will try to upload more fabulous finds in the […]

When I was younger – I generally avoided adding salt to anything. More so, because I wasn’t too keen on the taste. As my tastes matured (or so I think!) I’ve come to understand that a delicate dash of high end salt (or kosher salt) is enough to enhance the flavour of many meals. Check […]

I’m so glad the sun and heat finally decided to make an appearance! It’s been so cold and rainy (I know that’s a standard West Coast thing) but we celebrated Canada Day in the rain! But nice to know that we are full force into July now….hard to believe we are more than halfway through […]

Paper Planes


You often hear the saying “It happened for a reason”. Well, today’s post proves that saying. In my quest to find all things beautiful, I found these intricate paper illustrations on Tumblr. However, to my dismay, I accidentally closed my browser and I did not have the chance to save the imagery and content before […]