How deep is your love?


I must apologise for the sporadic blog posts – I usually try to post at least twice a week (Tuesday and Thursdays) but I recently started a full time job in addition to school and other side jobs. But do not fret my pets – I will try to upload more fabulous finds in the upcoming weeks!

Today I came across this gorgeous design project by Fedrigoni UK – a London based company that takes their love of fine paper and beautifully showcases them in their London showroom. In turn they also allow designer to come in and use the space as a meeting room, exhibition space, sample library or private event space.  How ingenious!
From their website:

For this project, the challenge was to encourage more designers to visit and use the Fedrigoni London Showroom. In response, Fedrigoni paper, photography and digital manipulation were used extensively to create a set of posters. These designs emphasise the creative possibilities of paper, and communicate the special freedom provided by the London Showroom.


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