hello textile, meet typeface


The countdown is on! I finished writing my last exam AND I’m freelancing a brand identity project before I go on my European Tour! Good times!

One of my favourite design elements is the art of typography. The ligatures, the formation and design of each letter is astounding and I have a great respect for typography designers as it is certainly an art that takes a great study (in one of my readings about Istanbul – great calligraphy artists used to practise breathing methods to ensure a steady and artful hand when practising calligraphy).

Today I came across Julian Franky Tobon a designer based out of Bogota, Columbia. Julian specializes in both industrial and graphic design as well as illustrations. Here he experiments with interweaving typefaces with elements of fabric. Textiles meets typeface.

This font was born from a study of fabric and the flow of cloth. Basically a deconstruction of how different sowing patterns interacts with each other and come to life.

I love how each letter is combined with elements of textiles. His work was featured in the Typographical exhibition at Galeria 69 in Bogotá Colombia.

Simply beautiful.


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