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As I’ve written in previous posts, one of my favourite drinks that I’m absolutely addicted to is skim milk mochas. So today, I’ve decided to highlight two of those loves – chocolate and coffee. The first is this gorgeous chocolate design done by LaGrange 34 as collaboration between Jjuice Design Agency and Pasticceria Gertosio. It […]

I realised the other day, I’ve been writing my blog for over a year! Time flies when you are having fun 🙂 Though of course, this year has been a bit up and down with work and school (not including the side projects on the go) I’m very glad to have my blog – if […]

I’m still recovering from my Europtrip – ever so often I get wistful for another beer or schnitzel <<– wow was able to spell schnitzel without spellcheck. I’m still wafting through the massive photos of the trip – I did catch one weird shot: I’d still like to do this montage! However I did lose […]