We all scream for ice cream


I realised the other day, I’ve been writing my blog for over a year! Time flies when you are having fun 🙂 Though of course, this year has been a bit up and down with work and school (not including the side projects on the go) I’m very glad to have my blog – if not to keep my creative thinking flowing at all times and be inspired by all things beautiful.

I found another picture I captured from my vacation that I thought seemed unique. I wish I could be a better photographer – but I leave that up to the professionals!

When I was in Turkey, I had some amazing ice cream called dondurma. Unlike traditional western ice cream – dondurma has a bit of a thicker texture (caused by a thickening agent called salep) and is produced in a way that hinders melting. And it has a bit of a chewy texture to it.

I came across this beautiful print campaign called Color Chip for Sherwin Williams by MCKINNEY, a multidisciplinary studio based out of Durham, North Carolina. Here they created paint swatch cards into an ice cream formation design. It reminded me of when I worked in the wall décor industry during tradeshow season time and we had to design the exhibit for wall décor. Often, I’d choose the paint colours to highlight the wall décor product before layout.

I simply love the intuitive of this campaign! From their website:

This work for Sherwin-Williams – the 2010 Color Chips campaign and its Lucky Color of the Day game – is a perfect example of the ongoing conversation we shape with the consumer to show them how they can get the most out of their color with the very best paint.


mmm….yummy for the eyes and mind!


2 Responses to “We all scream for ice cream”

  1. …and if you have some time to spare, try this delicious read; ‘The Empress of Icecream’ by Anthony Capella. 🙂

  2. 2 will work for design

    oh thanks! I will definitively check it out 🙂

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