Death by Chocolate


As I’ve written in previous posts, one of my favourite drinks that I’m absolutely addicted to is skim milk mochas.

So today, I’ve decided to highlight two of those loves – chocolate and coffee.

The first is this gorgeous chocolate design done by LaGrange 34 as collaboration between Jjuice Design Agency and Pasticceria Gertosio. It looks sooo yummy and mouth watering…… I’d be afraid to eat any of the chocolate … it’s just so beautiful! Check out their site (warning: it is FLASH heavy).


Another find is the nouvelle coffee shop in NY city called D’Espresso (link via CoolHunter of course). Designed by Manhattan-based nemaworkshop, a team of designers and architects that have created a number of retail and hospitality concepts.

I love how they combined the literary aspect of coffee shop ambiance – how often do you see hipsters sipping their soy Italian espresso café dioppia scribbling in their moleskin notebooks ?Sidenote: I own a moleskin notebook. The kicker of this gorgeous interior design – it is the ceiling and floors that are lined with the literary prose, not the walls.

Should mention this coffeeshop has been blogged all over the place! Simply lovely!


4 Responses to “Death by Chocolate”

  1. chocolate and books; couldn’t ask for more! thanks for sharing these amazing images!

    • 2 will work for design

      You’re welcome! I often write about my love for chocolate and books hee hee!

      Thanks for stopping by! I checked out your blog too – it’s great!

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