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Rainbow Brite


I’m about done with winter now. I know it’s only November but here on the West Coast, the temperatures have fallen (ok -6C but still!) and it actually snowed over the weekend (not much to shut down anything but this is Vancouver). Also, it doesn’t help with the dreary gray environment just make it ‘blah!’. […]

Ack! I have been bedridden for the past week and a half and unfortunately couldn’t find the chance to write about my latest find! Grrrr…. I hate being sick. One of the main things I write in this blog is typography and one of the things I love the most is fashion (I cleaned out […]

So today marks my first day without my skinny mocha. For real – I was buying one daily and I need to slowly wean myself off of the daily caffeine fix. Nothing wrong with coffee per se – however I found myself spending a pretty penny too much on the delicious concoctions! However, I did […]