I’ve mentioned in prior posts that I’m an avid reader. I have this thing where I will read massive a large volume of a great book in one sitting but yet have to read it all over again because I’m sure I missed some pages. I feel anxious to finish it, especially if it’s a really good book. I love nothing more than sitting on my couch with a nice cup of coffee (or tea) and digest my new favourite novel.

Today, I found Exhibi-Table for Library by Lu Chieh-Hua & Cheng Tzu-Hao. This gorgeous furniture design that combines a coffee table and a great placeholder for your novels. This ingenious piece is designed with slotted spaces for books space. While more designed for retail spacing – I can’t see why this wouldn’t work the home.

My next “all things beautiful” item I found is this teapot package design by PEGA D&E. The award-winning company is based out of Taipei and Shanghei, and houses some top of the line designers and R&D engineers.

This ‘teapot’ combines the package design and turns into a portable teapot – allowing the tea drinker to enjoy his or her tea anywhere at anytime (well anywhere that has hot water). The packaging consists of a folded paper teapot containing a tea bag and a teacup. The unique fold of the design is able to hold the hot water, allowing the tea to seep. It also comes with a paper teacup, a unique way to combine practicality with a beautiful package design.


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