Mark your calendars


Ah, another year is coming to close. It’s been a year of ups and downs for everyone but I have a feeling the next year will more ups than downs! It’s hard to imagine I’ve been writing this blog for other a year (albeit sporadic but do get to post at least once a week).

I do enjoy searching for all things beautiful and posting my finds! Here’s one of my latest finds – which I’m sure will be a great way to remind yourself of that great date coming up or meeting up with some friends.Or just in general searching for some inspiration.

Designed by Research Studios, a graphic design studio based out of London, UK, this extraordinary typographic calendar pushed the envelope of conventional design. The juxtaposition of each letter superimposed over each one another all while able to probably communicate the month is simply beautiful.

From their website (blog):

The theme for the calendar was inspired by the idea of typographic distortion: taking a Research Studios’ typeface and morphing it into something else through further design or a hands-on process. In many ways, it reflects our naturally inquisitive approach and habit of thinking about things differently; pushing boundaries and using ordinary elements to create something extraordinary.


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