Writing on the wall


Ah welcome 2011!

My blog is lately neglected; I post maybe once a week. Though I don’t believe in New Year’s resolution (only because I believe they will be broken in a few weeks), I will dedicate a new blog posting at least 2-3 times a week. I may not have the time to write a long blog but nonetheless a blog of something I find beautiful. I’m also looking to moving my blog to a more dedicated url and space…so keep the look out for that update!

I’ve been writing this blog for over a year now (so WordPress stats tell me) and in that time I’ve accumulated over 5,000 hits. I know…peanuts compare to some major blogs (most get a few hundred if not thousands a day) but I’m happy with my 5k hits for now :). I began this blog more so to search for all things beautiful and to uncover some unusual finds (though sometimes I’m blogging about things that every other blogger is writing about…but meh…I’m doing what I enjoy!).  I certainly hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy posting them (I understand the cheese factor in that sentence).

Anyway, on to my post!

My latest “all things beautiful” is some wonderful wall installation designs by Stay Nice, a multidisciplinary design studio, based in the Netherlands. Started by two brothers Rob and Barry van Dijck in 2007; Stay Nice has been showcased in highly regarded magazines such as Grafik and IdN.

They produced some fabulous designs! Most notably their wall designs:


Club Trouw wall painting, September 2010
2) Roger Mercury, January 2010
3) The City is Yours, September 2009
4) Wall Print, October 2009

It is too bad that I am not allowed to paint my walls in my apartment, otherwise I’d be tempted to do so with these lovely designs!


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