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Havana Nights


I’m back from my tropical vacation in beautiful Cuba! One week is simply NOT long enough. I enjoyed sipping mojitos and just drinkin’ in all of the fantastic offerings of this cultural rich country. Cubans are about the most friendly (and genuine) people I’ve met in a long time. If you ever decide to take […]

Paper Trail


Well, I’ll be off to the land of Havana in minus 3 days! A and I booked a last minute trip to Cuba and hopefully be taking in some nice R&R by the beach! So look for some (hopefully) fab pics to come! My next blog will be devoted to some pictures and a taste […]

Kinetic Energy


When I was in Turkey this past summer, I noticed that one of the items people sold on the streets were those crazy kaleidoscope art work toys – you know the ones where you insert your pencil into the geometry like set and swirl it around in a circle? The crazy snergy as the seller […]