Kinetic Energy


When I was in Turkey this past summer, I noticed that one of the items people sold on the streets were those crazy kaleidoscope art work toys – you know the ones where you insert your pencil into the geometry like set and swirl it around in a circle? The crazy snergy as the seller swirled around and around the coloured pencil to create this array of beautiful lines and curves.

Seeing Brian Banton’s work reminded me of the vast arrays of lines and curves so intricately placed with the frame. Based out of Toronto, Ontario Brian specializes in Graphic Design and Art Direction. As such, his thesis statement is based on creating this extraordinary typography. From his website:

Heterosis is a three-dimensional typeface made from plexi-glas and transparent elastic. This kinetic typeface constitutes one of the three typefaces I developed for my Master’s thesis at York University in Toronto. The term heterosis is used within agriculture to describe the increased function and fecundancy that results from cross-breading plants. The term has also been applied to humans, and suggests that racial hybrids are, in general, healthier and more attractive than non-hybrids due to their inherently wider gene pool. This typeface was produced through a mathematical ‘blending’ technique and results in three-dimensional structures that each represents a letter of the alphabet. This typeface represents the positive and beautiful aspects of racial hybridity.

All above work is copyright of Brian Banton

Each letter is intricately designed with a connective (seemingly perfect) symmetrical of material … all with the three-dimensional cubed space. Check out his video of his work if you have a moment.


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