Rising Sun


I haven’t written my blog in over two weeks. On top of being extremely busy, I just couldn’t bring myself to write about anything in light of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11. It just felt a bit short sighted to be writing about things I find beautiful when this beautiful country has been hit hard by this tragedy.

Then I realized that the Japanese are, what I find, one the most resilient people I have ever come across. They rebuilt their country after WWII and brought back their country from the brink of collapse after several natural disasters. Eventually becoming one of the world’s best economic powerhouse.

Many moons ago, I used to work a café that happened to be situated by an international language school. Every semester, I’d have the pleasure meeting anew crop of students from all over the world…namely Japanese students. For the most part, the Japanese students always seemed so bubbly and happy. Always polite and courteous to me; in fact if you go to Japan and find some of these students, you may see me in some of their pictures 🙂 They have some of the most creative outlooks in fashion, food, and culture and of course design.

I’ve also included some fabulous photography (links and images via Abduzeedo)

These amazing images were done by Natsumi Hayashi. She photographs herself with her seemingly  levitating:


Below are some more beautiful photography of Japan:



Michael Chandler:

Michael Chandler

And finally, I found the CUTEST sushi candy making set! Produced by White Rabbit Express (I’ve always loved Japanese Package Design):

Sushi CandyLooks incredibly delicious!

*Please note: all photography is copyright and ownership of the pertaining artists and photographers.

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