Pixel by Pixel


Yikes…and yikes! I haven’t added anything to my blog in over a month! Working full time plus one hellish semester left me little time to find anything (much less write about) to my blog. I’ve been tweeting here and there things that I find, but this past semester didn’t give me much of a chance to add much to my blog. But suffice to say, I am now done for the summer (school-wise!) so I will be able to devout more time to my blog (and other creative outlets!).

So, of course, I just happened to come across Kunihiko Morinaga clothing line Anrealage fashion line. This Tokyo based designer is world-renowned in the fashion world with intricate and fashion forward design concepts. His designs feature simple geometrical shapes provide seamless bodylines. Simplistic beauty at its best.

For the upcoming 2011/12 fall line (debuted during Japan Fashion Week) Anrealage perfectly married pixlated art with high fashion. The clothes mainly composed of colourful squares to resemble 8-bit pixels. From a distance, the blocks of colour perfectly blend and complement one another while giving the line a unique edge. Upon inspection, you see the colourful array of ‘pixels’…And might I add…LOVE THE SHOES!!!!


AnrealageAnrealage2Anrealage ShoesAll work is copyrighted and belongs to Anrealage Co. LTD

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