Fit to a tea


Once again, I’ve decided to take a break from my skinny mochas. Not because I don’t enjoy the rich taste of chocolate and espresso, but because it’s starting to put a damper on my wallet. $5 per day can buy this mama a lot of pretty purses 😀 Though, now I just treat myself to a mocha as a Friday special.

Via Dieline, I found a great alternative to my mochas. Developed by Brazilian advertising firm A10 Design, the firm designed the brand identity for a line of teas aptly named Talcha. This beautifully package design coupled with bright colours and elegant typography is not only pleasing to the palate but to the eyes as well. I simply love the contrast of the exciting colours against the ultra dark background.

From Dieline:

“To stimulate interest in this market, which is largely undeveloped in this country, A10 explored vibrant colors (each color relates to a family of teas) and elements from the diverse world of this drink.

A10 created packaging that stimulates the five senses, as well as building a verbal identity that generates curiosity and also informs. From the packaging format to the history of tea, the consumer is totally steeped in the atmosphere, culture and benefits of the drink. This brand identity is used in various materials, including gift packaging, taster packaging, booklet, invitations, store, bags and other points of contact of the brand that generate a unique experience with the world of tea in Brazilian culture.”

Read full analysis here.

Talcha teas

 © a10 Design 


2 Responses to “Fit to a tea”

  1. This is cool packaging. Normally black isn’t used to depict tea, but with the combination of the colours it gives it a smooth and elegant feel. Definitely a differentiated brand identity for a line of teas.

    • 2 will work for design

      I agree! Usually you have a neutral palette of some sort e.g. green tea green or mute blue. I like how they used the dark background to contrast with the colours.

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