It’s not Canuck “fans”


I usually more or less write about design (or anything related to design). Rarely do I deviate from those topics. But today, I feel compelled to write outside of those topics. Please excuse this  post if you’re easily offended because there will be some expletive words and outright honesty.

Vancouver is a beautiful city. Gorgeous landscape, great eats and awesome people. Yes, awesome people.

The 2010 Winter Olympics allowed Vancouver to finally shine on the world scene. People were friendly to tourists, partied with little trouble and when Canada won the Gold medal…it was happiness and camaraderie. It was something to be proud of.  I, for one, was proud to be a part of Vancouver shining moment as a city that KNOWS HOW TO HAVE FUN!

What the world saw last night was not Vancouver. What pisses me off the most is that the people looting and rioting were not true Canuck fans nor true Vancouverites. The media headlines of “Canuck fans erupt in Vancouver over Canuck loss” or “Vancouverites riots over Canuck loss” are fallacies and misconceptions. The headlines should be “Douchebags with small penises looking for some ill reason to exert power”. Disparaging remarks about Vancouver is sad and so untrue.

Most Canuck fans (and Vancouverites) were equally outraged and called on the looters and rioters for respect. But the media doesn’t show this, instead they show people fighting, people destroying public property and people just being jackasses. Of course, by now you’ve heard of the idiot who decided to post his FB status of his ‘proud moment in history’ of looting and fighting with the police (he brags about getting his fingers broken – most likely from being stupid enough to try to hit a police officer in riot gear).

And what this is what should’ve been trending on twitter last night: CongratsBruins (by this AM this is one of the trends) or GoodGameCanucks. Instead, we had CanuckRiots, DearVancouver (with tweets of  you suck) and VancouverRiots.

The other thing that gets me is the call for more police officers or the question “where are all the police officers”. I was in Vancouver in 1994 the first time Vancouver lost the Cup. Believe me, the police had a WAY BETTER handle on this than last time. From what I saw, they tried to maintain peace versus erupting in equal aggression. As well, I want to give them kudos for maintain what could’ve been a much worse situation.

As I end this long convulated post, one shining moment popped up. Vancouverites are coming down to help and clean up.

This is the Vancouver I love the most.


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